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US - 4/20/14 1:23 AM
Quelag: I'm still waiting on my bitcoin payment. Is it because i'm using bitcoin core wallet? Do I need a different wallet? Please help
US - 4/20/14 1:38 AM
gordonst4: congrats danicel
GB - 4/20/14 3:09 AM
Admin: Sorry bitcoin and btc-e payments didn't go out but will in 30mins
GB - 4/20/14 4:55 AM
Admin: payments sent
FR - 4/20/14 7:31 AM
jimmyl62: thanks
US - 4/20/14 9:49 AM
Quelag: Thanks
US - 4/20/14 12:17 PM
Michigan: Hi everybody!
IS - 4/20/14 7:21 PM
reinzlim: when payment process? thanks
GB - 4/20/14 10:38 PM
MrEE: payed quickly, cheers admin :)
DE - 4/21/14 4:39 AM
jmsr: Hi admin... im using the radioloyalty and the captcha dont show
DE - 4/21/14 4:39 AM
jmsr: do u know what happens? im in germany
GB - 4/21/14 7:35 AM
Admin: @jmsr - I think if you're not from US, UK, AU or CA then you must first listen to 30mins and then captchas will start to show. I will email them about this
CA - 4/21/14 3:10 PM
getpopularfast: hey admin my points still locked :)
US - 4/21/14 7:27 PM
MyEvilTwin: 8-) Yay! I finally got my conf email...
US - 4/21/14 7:29 PM
MyEvilTwin: ...adding this site to my promotion efforts now ;-)
US - 4/22/14 12:16 PM
US - 4/22/14 2:14 PM
rageofthesage: Love this website!
GB - 4/22/14 4:58 PM
Admin: Sending pending payments guys :)
GB - 4/22/14 4:59 PM
Admin: Withdraw now if you want payment now, last call for today.
US - 4/22/14 5:41 PM
rageofthesage: this place makes me smile
US - 4/22/14 5:41 PM
US - 4/22/14 6:46 PM
CA - 4/22/14 7:12 PM
anwodarkclow: why am i not getting any points from the radio station?
CA - 4/22/14 7:13 PM
anwodarkclow: i already did 2 captcha's so i should have 1 point by now
US - 4/22/14 10:07 PM
rageofthesage: happened to me earlier
US - 4/22/14 10:07 PM
rageofthesage: must be a glitch
US - 4/23/14 12:03 AM
gordonst4: theres a delay on points given
GB - 4/23/14 8:50 AM
Admin: @gordonst4 - yes there is a delay up to 30mins on the radio player.
CA - 4/23/14 11:43 AM
sob317: admin adjustment -173 points? this place gets scammier every day
IN - 4/23/14 12:07 PM
IN - 4/23/14 12:07 PM
mehdi110: i wanna earn bit coin can someone please assist me
US - 4/23/14 12:13 PM
Qaide: check out my blog
US - 4/23/14 12:13 PM
Qaide: bestbitcoinsites - dot - wordpress - dot - com
CA - 4/23/14 12:17 PM
sob317: best advice, don't bother with sites like this. You can go outside and probably find more money on the sidewalk than these sites pay out
CA - 4/23/14 12:18 PM
sob317: especially when admin takes away half your points for an "adjustment":
US - 4/23/14 2:05 PM
Qaide: been here for over a year. Never had an Adjustment
US - 4/23/14 2:06 PM
Qaide: never had a miss payout.
CA - 4/23/14 2:35 PM
sob317: Never had an adjustment until last week, also been here a year.
CA - 4/23/14 2:37 PM
sob317: enjoy wasting your time for fractions of a penny. Gave up on these dust collecting sites ages ago when I realized what a waste of time they are
CA - 4/23/14 2:39 PM
sob317: get a job for an hour and you will make more than these sites make you in a year. Don`t believe the hype. Faucets and the like are a waste of time and energy unless you literally need 1/10 of a penny for something
CA - 4/23/14 2:40 PM
sob317: still haven't even made enough for a 2 dollar voucher LOL 163 referrals later
CA - 4/23/14 2:44 PM
getpopularfast: ive made 15 bucks this year on this site so far for listening to the radio
CA - 4/23/14 2:44 PM
getpopularfast: lol stacking for seeds4bitcoins()com
CA - 4/23/14 2:44 PM
getpopularfast: 17 ish actually
CA - 4/23/14 2:45 PM
sob317: holy crap, fifteen bucks, I made that in a half hour working a job
CA - 4/23/14 2:48 PM
sob317: so 200 points to get a $1 voucher. So 400 clicks to get a buck. 4 clicks for a penny over what 40 minutes at 10 minutes a click?
CA - 4/23/14 2:48 PM
sob317: just over a penny an hour?
CA - 4/23/14 2:49 PM
sob317: then admin "adjusts" my points taking half of them months after they were deposited. Joke site.
CA - 4/23/14 3:13 PM
getpopularfast: half a penny every 5-7 min.. the adjust divided your points by half because points are worth twice as much now.
CA - 4/23/14 3:15 PM
getpopularfast: and I made a 10,370.92 today myself.. just keep the radio on in the background.. :S
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